Why teaching children with special needs?

This phrase i often hear when i tell other people my job. Yes i am a blissful Teacher of children with special needs. Why them? ……. and in will answer Why not?

I also don’t know…..

to be honest, i haven’t even dream of being one. I see teachers are people who are left behind by their students every year. I see my teachers inside the same corners of our room 10, 11 or even 15 years ago. I felt like it a very stagnant but noble job.

So why I am here? 🤔

3 years ago i graduated from my short course in Filipino Sign Language. It was fulfilling to enter the world of deaf people and their stories that only few could understand.

Fast forward

After a year i passed the LET, continued my graduate studies.

As i look back i have realised a huge reason why teaching? why children with special needs? The answer i found is within our home. I have an uncle with schizophrenia. 👋🏼 more than half of his life that is a whopping 40 years now. Our family gone through a lot. It is a mixed of frustrations, happiness, laughter, hopefulness, trust, acceptance, compassion and love.

He went through a lot worst personally in battling those unfamiliar voices he used to hear and more.

Yes they would often tell me “maybe you have unending patience and understanding that is why you choose Children with special needs” well i will definitely say NO. Im a very short tempered and impatient person. I hate waiting for other person etc.

More than just mere teaching, it felt like i found a bigger home and an extended family when i am with them.


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