Holy days

Never can I remember that during Holy days we go out for vacation. I can say it is a tradition, but more than that, it is our devotion to be part of God’s beautiful suffering that led to our freedom.

Yes it is an anual recollection from what had happend more that 2000 years ago. Reminiscing each way to the cross with Jesus. The least, I can show how thankful I am that He is my God and my Saviour.

Last night was surreal. It was one of the mass celebration that I felt I am inches away from Papa Jesus. Each Psalms was sang by the soloists that made me feel that im surrounded by cherubims and seraphims.

Thank you for the hug Papa Jesus. I would always long for that. Thank you for all of your sicrifices just to show us how much you love us. 🙂

I am a Catholic. I am proud to be one


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